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Strategy, Planning & Optimising

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Marketing Audit

You've been 'doing marketing' for a while but you're just not getting the results you hoped for. With budgets tightening up and costs rising, it's more important than ever to be getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

Let us take an impartial, objective look at all aspects, assessing what is working well and areas for improvement. Providing clear advice on a realistic actionable plan.

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Marketing Strategy & Planning

Creating a realistic, actionable marketing strategy including social media, e-newsletter, blog and non-digital plans can often seem like a mammoth task but ultimately it really means deciding what we want to do, how we’re going to do it, what we expect to happen and when and how we’ll measure the success. Let us help create your strategy including setting measurable goals, clarifying your target audience, setting out clear brand values, competitor review and an actionable plan.

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Social Media Plan Creation

If you’ve already nailed your marketing strategy but the social media plan is still something on your ‘to do’ list then we can work with you to create a succinct plan of action with clear goals and measures of success. Includes creation of a rolling editorial calendar of activity.

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